Det sjunde inseglet (1957)

Regie: Ingmar Bergman (SE)
Darstellend: Gunnar Björnstrand, Max von Sydow, Bibi Andersson

Ein kurzer Film über das Zweifeln: Ob die Liebe mehr als nur eine Schimäre ist ? Ob Gott tot ist oder noch lebt - Gibt es Beweise ?
Was bleibt ist Ungewissheit und Verzweiflung, sowie der innere Drang sich an der Jagd zu erfreuen und mit Fragen zu quälen.
Man mag sich mit dem Protagonisten dieses Films - Antonius Block - identifizieren oder nicht - ihm wird zumindest die Ehre zu Teil, mit dem Tod Schach zu spielen .. was für ein Vergnügen !
Moralisch minderwertige Naturen - wie wir - sympathisieren dagegen mehr mit dem Anti-Held dieses Films, Jens - der sich vor allem durch seine zynische Bemerkungen verewigt. .. Verewigt ? Also Gewonnen !

JENS: "Love is as contagious as a cold. It eats away at your strength, morale... If everything is imperfect in this world, love is perfect in its imperfection"
PLOG: "You're happy, you with your oily words. You believe your own drivel."
JENS: "Believe it? Who said? But I love to give pieces of advice."


"I met Death today. We are playing chess."

Intervista a Tshe.

P. Grandmaster Tsherveniakov, you are this-year winner of the Pelusian Chess Championship - What are your experiences with the Pelusian Team ? What are your impressions of Pelusia ?

T. Hm, I have to admit this was kind of a challenge.. Not only because I've been one of the few competitors, who were ready to go to Pelusia and play under these radical political conditions.. But also because this team has been trained very well: Chess seems to be some kind of primal discipline in Pelusia: Just to give an example - When a child is born, the state sends a chess game to the parents.. and so on. They are really into it.

P. But if they are trained so well, why did you - as a foreigner - win the competition ? How can you explain that ?

T. Oh Honey, I cannot explain that. I think, the team expected me to play more wicked than I actually did. I played a simple Italian opening, and they weren't prepared for that.. It was just too easy.. what more can I say ?

P. So do you have any future prospects in this country ?

T. Actually yes. I've been offered a rather strategical position there and I'm currently thinking about changing my residence to Pelusia.

P. Haha.. Nice tax conditions there, ha ? So you will be playing as Pelusian Master next year ? What about your current national team ?

T. I'm sorry to say that, but forget about this national team. It will die slowly and painfully.. and I'm sick of watching that. I rather prefer to take at least a small part in this supra-national game, called politics.. and I've been offered a chance.. By the way, Miss.. Uh.. What's your name ?.. I think this interview doesn't make much sense any more. Do you think we can continue this discussion somewhere else ?

P. Aeh.. I don't know. Grandmaster, how can you agree with the anti-democratic position of the Pelusian government ? 'What do you think about it ?

T. Ok, I totally agree with the Pelusian attitudé. Absolutely. And You.. You shouldn't waste your time thinking about stuff you are never going to understand -

Let's go for a drink...


Tshe 'Grosny' Tsherveniakov.