The Universal Toy

Get ready, folks! The Game is there to play. So here are the means and options recommended.
Pick the one you like - the Tool that seems most valuable & fits your needs in fighting misery and spreading joy, cause Time's ripe..

The Hand
A device for pointing, grasping, touching, stroking, holding, taking things into possession and providing pleasure. Directly connected to the human brain and body, which makes it the most perfect tool for expressing thougts, ideas and feelings, as well as for immediate interaction with other individuals and purposeful combination with various devices [See below]
It may save your soul, as well as your body in specific situations, so do not underestimate its value. Usually it comes dual, mirrored perfectly and perfectly mirroring dualities. >>>

The Car
Initially an extension of human legs, this rather primitive machine has advanced itself to become the better living space, focus of aesthetic pleasure - and most of all a very adorable fetish that serves for rapid transportation. Certain individuals manage to fully merge on a bodily and mentally level, to gain a desirable state of total unity for short moments and to dissolve in joy of speed and machine-induced pleasures. But besides this obvious qualities Cars gives often reason to misfortune & sadness. And there we go: Its ambigous + sometimes dangerous nature seems to be the true reason for its power in ruling human minds & bodies. No risk, no fun!

The Computer
Many promises have been made, some have been kept, some not. In fact technological achievements still are not able to outweigh growing discontent with the obvious incapabilites of this specific device to replace half of our brain or even enhance our intellectual abilities. And although this development has never been intendend, the networked computer's latest effect rather lies in the worldwide culmination of blogorrhoeing illiterates channelized to some few epicenters perpetuating disinformation, while visionary dream machines remain in the realm of fiction. Therefore it seems overstated to look at the Computer as a means for creating new identities, enhancing collective intelligence or supranational peaceful collaboration, while it is primarily nothing more than a sucessor to pencil and paper. Next page!

The Yo Yo
Before the next agressive attack, take some time for contemplation and reflection. Consider what to do and where to go next. Keep your fingers & mind busy, start to spin and let it flow, then go for some new tricks: Try the Braintwister, the Atom Smasher or the Boingy Boing, while the more advanced players may improve on the Breakaway or The Man on the Flying Trapeze and His Brother.