It is our pleasure and privilege to announce this premier get-together of dexx-followers in the real world. Join us for some first rate musical entertainment with these infamous masters of the turntable:

HOMEBOY 3 - a myth, a legend in his own lifetime. Semi-retired veteran of Vienna's club scene, the man behind the "El Subcomandante Marcos Soundsystem", making his big big comeback.

JET 71 - the man who can pull your vintage vespa scooter to hundreds of pieces, vastly improve upon it, and put it back together again faster than you can talk loud and say nothing! And he's a real soul machine on the wheels of steel too!

KATZ - the hip cat that really does not need any introduction, your humble hostess and greatest cinephile music lover to grace the planet that is Pelusia.

So all hands on Dexx, put on your dancing shoes and let's boogaloo!